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When you use crinf.net and its features

> you agree to respect the terms of service, 

> you agree not to break the rules (using bots, using proxy/VPN, using any cheating strategy) 

> you agree that your account and your IP will be banned from accessing crinf.net features when breaking the rules and that you won't get any refund, in this case, 

> you agree to the disclaimer, that crinf.net is not responsible for any of your actions.  When you are using our tools and services you do this at your own risk and you have to bear all possible resulting consequences from your actions.

> you agree that we collect and process your data (especially activity Data, user data, and IP data)  to make the crinf.net features work and provide a certain level of security 

> you agree to the data processing policy 

> you agree that criminal activity will not be tolerated and respective data will be forwarded to authorities on request 

> you agree that we can change the settings, terms of service, rewards, features and everything else on crinf.net whenever we regard it as necessary

> you agree to give consent regularly by confirming it with your password  after login (check your consent in your E-signature report) 

> you agree that we and some of our partners ( bitmedia.io, a-ads.com, and cpx research) use cookies to improve our services

> you agree that we never can be held responsible for downtimes of the platform due to internal and external reasons

> you agree that your payments are not done instantly but after a deeper check and that it may take up to 7 days until your payment is done

> to respect your local laws concerning the use of crypto and crinf.net features 

> you agree that we cannot be held responsible when your account is hacked because you did not secure access data or gave away your access data

> you agree that on CPX research feature the payments are released after 60 days after completion 


written by admin 09.04.2022