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Data Processing locations: 

Our company is currently registered in Germany in the EU and the developer company is located in Bangladesh. Generally, EU regulations are applied in terms of data protection and processing

This means that your data can be accessed and processed by admin personnel from our headquarters in Germany as well as from a  limited number of developers from our partner company in Bangladesh. 

When you use crinf.net you explicitly agree that your data can be accessed, analyzed, and processed at both locations by crinf.net staff and the involved developers.    

Data Processing is technically required

In order to be able to provide working features and provide personal reports and statistics, we crinf.net algorithms and crinf.net staff have to access and process your data. 

By using our site and services you agree that we crinf.net staff are accessing and processing your data for the required purposes and that your data is processed automatically by our script to generate your personal reports and site statistics as well as personal statistics.    

Data processing for security 

Additionally, the data is analyzed and used to prevent misuse, cheating, and all kind of unauthorized activity on our platform. This means we collect, store and process your user data, your location data, your activity data, your earning data, and IP DATA to make all the features secure and work accordingly while our algorithms check if everything is alright.


> To make sure no proxy IPs are being used on crinf.net  we check every visitor's IP  and block proxy IPs from accessing the features.  

> To make the faucet work we check IP data connected with user activity data 

The biggest part of the data is processed automatically by our algorithms.  But in cases where there is an issue we can also analyze and process all of your data manually,

By using our sites and services you agree that crinf.net algorithms and we crinf.net staff are accessing and processing your data for necessary security purposes.    

All technical and security-related data processing is for internal use only. None of your processed data will be sold or given away 

Data processing for the poll feature: 

While attending polls you provide the data of your answers which are connected with your user information. crinf.net uses and processes this data for the creation of poll reports.  No personal identifying information will be used, only information that describes your profile like age,  gender, country, and department. city etc...   

In case your profile is deleted at a certain point the given answers will still be part of the reports and not be deleted with the deletion of your profile. 

When you attend polls you give explicit permission to this kind of data processing from your answers in the polls. Also, you give the permission that these answers related to your profile information as mentioned above can be used in reports that can be sold to other users. By getting the reward you agree to this policy.  

Data processing on partner sites

Data processing that might happen when you are redirected to the services of our partners like CPX RESEARCH:

There you agree to their terms of service and policies also and you also provide your data to them to be able to attend the paid surveys. We have no influence on the data processing on these platforms and will take no responsibility for what is happening there.  By attending their surveys you have to agree to their terms.


When you use crinf.net you agree to this data processing policy   to give consent to this data processing policy regularly 

This policy can be changed anytime if regarded necessary or if any regulations are chainging.  It's your own duty to make sure you are aware of it. 


written by admin 09.04.2022

last updated by admin 06.05.2022