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  • Overall FAQ

  • What is a crypto faucet? 

    A crypto faucet is a site where users that visit it can earn some crypto coins

    How does it work?

    The user that visits the site will see advertisements that have been placed there by adversisers or from ad networks.  For each view the adverstisers pay a certain reward for delivering the ad view.  From this revenue coins are purchased and distributed to the users for each visit 

    How are the rewards calculated?

    For each claim a fixed USD reward is given out to users , depending on the coin prices crinf.net always calcualtes the current rewards real time which means that the amount of coins instantly increaeses when the coin prices goes down and decreaes when the coin price goes up.   So for claimers it's always good if the prices go down after while , like that they can get more coins from the faucet 

    Which cryptocoins can I earn on  the faucet? 

    Currently you can earn the crinf.net supported Coins:  Bitcoin,  Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin and Dash 

    How can I earn more?

    You can copy your referral link and invite people with this link. From every person signin up with this link you will earn a certain percentage from all their future faucet claims! You can find the current referral rates in the conditions table on the faucet site

    Is it worth using the faucet?

    You can't earn much with a faucet but when you  consider doing it  regualrly you can definitely earn some coins worth some USD. To earn more you must find the best sites and use several of them together. When you save a part of your earnings on your own wallets and don't touch them in the follwoing years it is very likely that you will make some good gains. The potential growth in value makes it interesting.

    What else do I need to know about the faucet ?

    Make sure that you are aware of the terms of service and crinf.net policies and don't break the rules,

    How can I get the coins in my own wallet?

    You can withdraw your earnings to faucetpay or to your own wallet when having reached the mininum withdrawal amounts

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    What is PTC?

    PTC is a form of advertising where users are rewarded for visiting ads or websites

    What kind of reward do users receive? 

    On crinf.net users are being paid in cryptocurrencies 

    Indeed there are many different ways to reward users for visiting ads or websites. In most cases, the users are rewarded with some credits that can later be exchanged for FIAT money, or with credits to buy new things within a game or an app.

    With the growth of crypto now PTC can also be used with different cryptocurrencies, which makes it even more interesting because for the transfer no banks or payment providers are required. Still for Bitcoin processing services like faucetpay are required because otherwise, the transaction fees would be too high, but there you can signup without KYC

    How can I earn with PTC? 

    You go to the PTC "EARN" site and click on the available ads,  The sites you clicked on are opened in a new window or in a popup window, and eventually, you must wait until the timer has finished.  Then you close the ad and solve the captcha in the return window and confirm the click by clicking on a confirm button.  Once done you are redirected to the site with the ads to click. The reward for clicking the ad will be credited to your crinf.net account balance.  

    Is there a risk of earning cryptocurrencies with PTC ads? 

    Definitely, there is a risk when earning on PTC sites. There are advertisers that add scam projects or malware on sites they promote, or the sites contain content you don't want to see. On several sites that are promoted in the PTC space scam sites trigger automatic downloads of viruses or other scams onto your computer. 

    crinf.net staff is monitoring the ads and will take down these types of ads 

    What are the benefits of PTC advertising?

    1. With PTC advertising you can drive thousands of visitors to your website or web project. Except for international web projects (crypto, finance, networks)  worldwide PTC traffic won't result in many sales or conversions.  It will be just traffic from which a very low rate will only be interested or live in the targeting area.    That's why PTC advertisements will become much more interesting the better the targeting is.  crinf.net offers country and department targeting and we are already working on targeting on city level.

    2. PTC visitors are very cheap traffic compared to traffic that you can buy from google ads or other ad networks  

    3. For earners/clickers:  You can earn crypto: Finally this is a type of advertising where not all the advertising fees go to the advertising companies but where you the recipient of the ads will receive the biggest part for watching the ads. While regular ads distract you, and you watch them and lose your time without being rewarded. For PTC ads you will at get rewarded and less of the advertising budget goes to middlemen 

    4. The better the targeting is the higher the chances become that you find projects or sites that are interesting

    Why have PTC rather ads a bad reputation?

    There are several reasons   

    1. There is the fact that many scams have been promoted in the past and are still promoted until today via PTC

    2. It makes it impossible for statistic programs to distinguish real traffic from incentive traffic  which does not allow to display the reality  

    3. Big advertising companies like google don't like PTC advertising as they might lose market shares because PTC traffic might become  more interesting for advertisers and earners

    4. ad fraud:  with PTC traffic it is possible to generate fake traffic with the intention to generate advertisement revenue, but this traffic will not convert for the advertiser as the users are not interested in his site.

    What is special about crinf.net PTC

    1.  We always pay in crypto coins

    2.  We have a deep geo targeting option and we work on bringing it to city level one day

    3.  We have language, age, and gender targeting  

    4.  We are building a theme-based targeting structure 

    5.  we have a very wide-ranged time targeting

    6.  Users can profit from price fluctuations as the basic ad price can always be edited when a coin changes it's price  

    7.  Best paid ads are always shown first on the earning site

    8.  Earners can apply filters to select ads that fit better to their targeting

    9.  Advertisers are free in their timer selection (price per second)  and can try different price strategies

    Is PTC traffic good for all types of sites? 

    The answer is NO!

    > Social media sites and especially youtube are not allowing incentive traffic which PTC traffic is! 

    > You might lose your account or your monetarization 

    > Creating a site, adding google ads, and driving PTC traffic to this site to generate views for the ads is considered ad fraud.  You will lose your google ads account and might be legally pursued. 

    > Using PTC traffic for ad fraud is never a good idea! 

    Which sites can be used for PTC

    > Sites that accept incentive traffic.  Many sites do want to receive incentive traffic! (before starting PTC promotion you should  find that out)

    > An online shop   

    > A blog, a vlog, a forum, projects  

    > A video that you created  embedded on your own site, not a network 

    > your business

    > your products

    For these types of sites, PTC can be used without high risks, It can help to get your product, your project, etc....  known

    can PTC ads be efficient? 

    Yes, they can be efficient, if the targeting is selected wisely.  The basic advertising effect is the repeated display of ads.  This means the more often you see and add the more like it is that you will remember it.  And PTC is very good when it comes to this.  When you have created a long-term PTC campaign it is like that the same users will be visiting your site again and again and wirl sooner or later know your product and remember it. 

    what happens if I break the rules for PTC ADVERTISING OR EARNING?

    If you break the rules your account and your IP will be banned and your funds won't be refunded.  In serious cases, all data concerning an incident will be forwarded to authorities. To learn more about that please read the terms of service

    Is crinf.net responsible for the ads being displayed?

    crinf.net is responsible for it's promoted ads. For all other ads, the respective advertiser is fully responsible. For more information please read the disclaimer

    What is profitability?

    When it comes to PTC advertising the profitability is the reward a user earns per second watching an ad.  The profitability is calculated in coins. The higher the profitability is the higher is the earning rate for clickers.

    How are ads sorted on the earner page?

    Ads are sorted by profitability and the total USD reward.  High USD rewards do not automatically mean they are very profitable for example when you have to wait a long time to get the reward. That's why on crinf.net PTC the most profitable and highest paying ads are always shown first.

     Can I stop or pause my ads?

    Yes, ads can be paused and resumed later or can be deleted completely.  In this case, you will get refunded all your left credits 

    How can I profit from changing coin prices?

    Because you always have the possibility to edit your ads you can reduce the coin reward in case the price for the coin increases.  On the other hand, you can keep the low coin reward in case the price for the coin decreases. In this case, you should not edit  the ad as it means that the newest min reward will be applied for the price  calculation 

    Can use my earnings for promotion?

    Yes you can spend the coins you have earned on the faucet or the other features to create an ad yourself

    Should I give crinf.net PTC a try? 

    You can try and learn about how it works on the earning pages,  Then you can decide if it's the right thing for you and create your campaign.   In the end, it does not play a role in the marketing effect if the ad was displayed on crinf.net or via the google network.  For the recipient of the ad, the effect is the same. 


    What is the Poll feature? 

    The POLL feature was designed to make market research and provide detailed customized results.  Researchers can create polls and get answers from a specific selectable crowd.

    How can I qualify for advertising and attending Polls?

    To get access to the poll feature you need to complete your profile information which makes the poll results more precise. To get started go to





    Why don't I see any polls?

    As we are still in the early day's of the crinf.net poll feature there aren't many polls yet. We added some test polls for the beginning. To see it you must add the language english. If you areeEnglish speaking this makes sense anyway.  As the first language select your native language.  If then there are still no polls available there are currently no polls at all available!

    What does profitability mean? 

    The profitability is the value that shows the ratio of the reward and the number of questions.  P=Reward/No of questions.   The higher the value is the better the poll is paid?

    How are polls sorted on the attend  page?

    Polls are sorted by profitability and the total USD reward.  High USD rewards do not automatically mean they are very profitable for example when you have to answer many questions, to get the reward. That's why on crinf.net PTC the most profitable and highest paying Polls are always shown first.

    What can I use the poll feature for?

    You can use it for any of your questions that you want to ask a bigger audience.  We will continuously improve the processes to increase the quality of the answers. 

    KEEP IN MIND:  These polls may not be used to discriminate against any group because of their ethnic origin or their beliefs. Who violates this rule will be removed immediately, and the funds will not be credited.  But you may ask about current political decisions in a proper way.  In case you live in a country with harsh conditions for free speech we advise you not to attend in the poll votings. We will never give away user data, but there is no 100% guarantee that such data comes into the hands of people who might not have good intentions.

    What do the reports show? 

    The reports show the results of the polls.   There are basic reports that you can watch for free and customizable reports  where you can buy the access for the customization tool for this specific poll. You can target your selected group for age gender country and more to get individual reports according to your selection