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crinf.net is cryptocurrency-fueled marketing and research platform where users can earn cryptocurrencies, spend cryptocurrencies, advertise their websites or products,  create polls and get customized results that can even be put for sale.   


Since 2011 I had enough of my jobs,  but I stayed 7 more years and wasted some of my time. In 2018 I finally quit my job with some crypto projects in mind. I surfed through the space and looked at how I could get Bitcoin without buying it. I found the earnings sites that were available at that time and soon discovered that there were a few quite good sites,  but also many bad sites, scams, etc.   I  knew exactly what could have been improved on many of those sites to increase the user experience.  That'S why I finally decided to make my own cryptocurrency earning site.  

Many of the sites from 2018  etc are meanwhile gone, while I managed to build, improve and grow crinf.net to a certain level and stability.  

And thanks to all the users who are using crinf.net of course! 

I, the project owner studied business engineering in Germany and worked in software project management before I started my own projects. I wrote down my ideas and after some searching, I found a good developer from Bangladesh.  We spoke about the details and made a deal and started the project.  Over time we added new features, improved security, user experience, site performance, etc, and more will come and is already in progress.   


A project like crinf.net has many tasks that have to be done:  Until this point, I managed it with the help of some friends, but in the future, it is clear that we will need more support.   

I could now write:  we are hiring,  but that is wrong,  at this point except for development costs no further salaries can be paid.

We are rather looking for people who want to exchange their service against our services or help us on a voluntary basis until revenue is high enough to pay salaries. 

For example:  if you are a lawyer you offer us your service and in exchange, you get a free advertisement in form of PTC or banner ads for your service.  At this time we can already deliver views and visitors on (the state/ department level), Or you can use our features and only pay the user rewards but won't have to pay any fees for using the services.    


If you have anything to offer that we might need or what is in the list below, and you agree with exchanging services then we are happy to hear about your offer.   


Currently, we are looking for: 

- A TAX consultant for Germany that helps us with all the tax-related questions  (language:  English /  German) 


- lawyer for tax law,  business law, international  law 


- Web developer (python)  who can help us with developing, WEb security specialist that helps us secure our  processes


- Blockchaindeveloper - long-term -  first discussion about possible goals 


- Tester/validation expert - testing site features and writing the testing results in documents or making videoclips from it


- graphic designer for making animations,  site design, logos, banners, etc.


- video producer  and cutter who is making promo videos on the crinf.net features  


- A content writer who writes articles about crypto topics 


-  regulatory affairs manager -  someone who's an expert in communication with authorities


Does one of those tasks above fit you and you are interested? 

Then write a mail to support@crinf.net 

We are happy to hear from you!