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This privacy policy is valid for crinf.net

According to the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) which has to be applied for all websites available in the European Union we will protect your data and secure your account accordingly.    



we have the obligation to inform you what kind of data we collect and store. See the details below 


USER DATA (data you provide during signup) 



location data 




password (encrypted format,  not restorable)  



Additionally, we analyze and save your IP and related data as we get it from proxycheck.io. 

This happens during signup, login and regularly while using the features in order to avoid proxy usage. 

(What is already planned but not realized yet is to detect the user device and the browser to optimize the systems) 



Each of your actions is stored in our database, which means that each claim, each click, each vote, and each CPX Research survey are stored in connection with your profile information and the date.

This is technically necessary to be able to provide the functionality of the features and for you to see the reports and statistics.  In the background, our algorithms check your activity data for bot patterns to avoid bots stealing funds.   



In order to make sure all crinf.net users are aware of the policies, every user is asked to give consent to the policies every 30 days by clicking on checkboxes and confirming them with the password.

These consents are used as proof for crinf.net to make sure to be compliant with the GDPR regulations. You can find all your given consent in the electronic signature report   



To secure the platform in all critical processes an electronic signature process was established for the significant actions. 

Passwords are requested in order to be able 

> signup / login

> change profile information

> place a withdrawal request

> place a deposit request 

> create or edit  PTC Ads and POLLs

> delete the crinf.net user profile 

This data is also stored and can be accessed via the electronic signature report except for the password for the profile deletion as the  electronic signature reports will be deleted with the profile deletion,   



When a user attends a poll the given answers are stored in the database along with the profile information of the user.   When a user has created a poll and sold it via the commercial feature and deletes it again after a while, those who have bought will still have access to the reports. 



When a profile is deleted, the account with the general profile information remains to exist as well as the given answers to polls and the activity data for the stats. What happens is that all identifying data is replaced by dummy data.

Username and email address are being anonymized, and passwords and IPS are being deleted, so no personal information that could identify a deleted user remains to exist 

What remains are poll reports that have been created by a user that deletes his profile. If they were set on "commercial".  In these cases, the reports of the created polls will remain for those users that have bought them once they were available for sale.

The same happens when a user keeps his profile and deletes a poll that was set on commercial  and was bought by other users     



Our servers are located in Germany, which means the data is stored in Germany 



Your data is protected in a common way in a secure database with an encrypted password 

We will never give your data to third parties except if there is criminal activity and authorities requesting data from us.  

As we don't want to make any differences for our users these privacy policies and rules are applied to all countries not only the EU as it is one of the strictest data protection regulations available.   

In order to control the site crinf.net staff ( headquarter in Germany and our developer company from Bangladesh)  can access your data.  By using our site and services you agree that your data can be accessed and processed by crinf.net  staff and from the developer company at both locations. Also, read  the DATA PROCESSING POLICY


According to the GDPR  a website owner must provide all user information to a user that is stored. So crinf.net shows the user all data about this user profile that is stored in the database on his user dashboard and in all available reports. 

More data than a user can find within all the functionalities and reports of his profile isn't stored 



This privacy policy can be changed anytime 

By using crinf.net and it's features you fully agree to this privacy policy 


written by admin 04042022

updated by admin  09052022